Our professional services

Tigris offers integrated services for construction, engineering and technical consultancy sectors.

Technical Consultancy
Tigris has provided highly respected technical consultancy to the private and public sectors since its foundation. Tigris was part of the Diyarbakir Organized Industrial Zones planning and investment period. Similarly, Tigris rendered technical consultancy services for more than 20 investment projects in Diyarbakir and surroundings. More specifically, Tigris provides technical consultancy services for the following areas:
• Production Planning
• Process design and control
• Facility lay out
• Construction methods
Engineering & Design
Tigris’ activities are carried out by personnel who cover all traditional disciplines of:
• Architectural
• Civil
• Environmental
• Structural
• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Electronic and Communication

Tigris engineers and designers have been at the forefront of CAD and computer aided design software since its early days. Today, we offer comprehensive 2D and 3D capabilities, computer-aided structural, electrical, and mechanical design, as well as 3D laser scanning of existing facilities. As a result, we provide and apply cost-effective, fast, and accurate tools for plant data acquisition and 3D design model input.

Engineering schedules are based on work package needs and are driven by project milestones. All deliverables are scheduled into engineering and construction project timetables based on construction dates.

Tigris provides the following engineering and design services;
• Civil and Structural Engineering
• Surveying and Mapping
• Environmental Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Architectural Engineering
• IT
• Telecommunication
• Program Management
• Value Engineering
• Cost Estimation and Control
Sanitary & Infrastructural Engineering
Tigris’ core activities in sanitary and infrastructural engineering services are:
Urban Water and Rural Water Supply
• Water Demand Master Planning
• Water Intakes & Deep Wells
• Water Treatment
• Pumping Stations & Transmission Lines
• Storage & Distribution Networks
• Operation & Maintenance
• Wastewater Disposal and Treatment
• Sewerage & Drainage Master Plans
• Sewerage Networks
• Waste Water Treatment
• Pumping Stations
• Sludge Disposal
Operation & Maintenance
Tigris’ expertise in the fields of installation, operation and maintenance includes;
• HVAC System
• Local Area Networks
• Electrical Systems
• Central Utilities
Project Planning & Management
Tigris engineers and designers provide integrated services and solutions for all phases of a project, from initial feasibility studies to conceptual and detailed design, through construction planning and support, and finally, licensing for commercial operations. Our knowledge and experience in the region allows us to predict challenges, develop risk-avoidance strategies, understand the relevant regulations, and otherwise manage projects with strong leadership and insight.

Tigris provides state-of-the-art conceptual design services driven by state-of-the-art technology and proven experience. As a key element to the integrated services concept, our conceptual design focuses on:
• Client needs
• Cost effectiveness
• Functional Reliability

Tigris professional engineers cover all main technical disciplines and TIGRIS is one of the largest design, engineering, construction, and environmental firms in Turkey and Northern Iraq. Our design architects and engineers have designed all types of facilities. Estimating and scheduling experts are up-to-date on current pricing and building methods and are supported by the latest technology, including computer-aided engineering and drafting.

Tigris is able to provide single-point management responsibility for an entire project from initial planning through:
• Design
• Construction
• Validation
• Start up
• Operation and Maintenance

We have built our reputation on delivering well-managed projects. We recognize the challenge of organizing and assembling resources to design and construct complex facilities on a fast-track schedule. Our managers consistently operate to control and/or reduce overall construction and operation costs. Our ability to respond quickly with experienced and technically skilled professionals is recognized across Southeastern Turkey and Northern Iraq.

We integrate our program management staff directly with our client's. We believe successful program management occurs when we become an extension of our client's organization. The integrated client/management team manages the entire process through the planning, organization, design, construction, and post-construction phases. Tigris also puts a large focus on developing a system of metrics to evaluate performance and ensure a quality product.
Architectural Design & Urban Development
Tigris is known for its urban development and architectural design capacity. Services provided in these fields are:

Urban Development Planning
• Master Planning
• Urban Planning
• Feasibility Studies
• Strategic Planning

• Facilities Survey & Evaluation
• Building Design
• Rehabilitation & Renovation
• Restoration

Interior Architecture
• Programming & Space Planning
• Interior Design
• Furniture and Furnishings

Landscape Architecture
• Site Evaluation
• Site Development
• Planting
• Recreation
Our fields of construction include:
• Public Buildings
• Housing
• Infrastructural Facilities
• Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
• Roads
• Industrial Facilities
• Electrical Facilities